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The Ultimate Attraction and Seduction Package!

50 Irresistible Openers:

Your go-to playbook to avoid rejection and approach any girl with confidence

Charming As F@#k:

7 done-for-you "Conversation Blueprints" that make hot girls chase you

The Big Black Book of Closes:

14 ways to close the deal and make her want to sleep with you

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As a new customer, I'd like to offer you a package deal on these best-selling attraction and seduction programs! Read below for the details, then click "Yes" or "Nah" once you make your decision.

This VIP Platinum Package includes...

  • 50 irresistible openers to avoid rejection and start attractive conversations with any type of girl, in any situation.
  • 7 word-for-word Conversations that make women chase you (my best-selling flirting and conversation product, Charming AF)
  • The Big Black Book of Closes - my coveted private stash of 14 surefire "closing" tactics to seal the deal and get her in bed every time. Most guys say this one training was worth the price of admission alone.
  • ​A little-known psychological "trigger" that practically forces a girl to make the first move on you
  • 8 innocent ways to read a girl's mind and know exactly how she feels about you, just by reading subtle things about her body language that she has NO idea she's revealing to you...
  • Over 100 word-for-word examples of how to flirt with a girl and get her chasing you, without being creepy or awkward about it
  • A proven 3-step formula to turn a female friend into a lover faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • The "Bl*wjob Formula" - a 10-second "Pavlovian" psychology trick to have even the most shy, prude, innocent girl getting on her knees for you (without you having to ask)
  • Still a virgin? One simple thing you need to start doing today if you want to lose your v-card by next week.
  • My infamous "bar trick" to make out with a girl in 60 seconds or less...
  • The "Sexual Power Switch"... advanced "psycho-tactic" that gives you the upper hand in the relationship and ignites the missing spark of sexual desire she doesn't feel for you right now...
  • The "Love Cocktail" - a series of simple words and phrases that makes her feel like she's known you forever... even if it's only been 5 minutes!
  • The "Jealousy Dirty Bomb" - a technique that uses every girl's biggest weakness - jealousy - to turn her on and make her uncontrollably horny for you

And there's more...

  • A fast and easy way to unleash her "bad girl" side... even the super shy, quiet librarian types go nuts for this one (hell, especially those girls!)
  • When you catch her making eye contact with you - say this 1 phrase to get her turned on and flirting with you in just the first 5 seconds...
  • 1 powerful way to "flip the script" on a girl who rejected you in the past, and get her desperately trying to apologize and win your approval
  • My most BRUTAL "Douchebag Destroyer" lines that humiliate aggressive alpha males and get the entire bar on your side
  • ​The "Shit Test Troubleshooter Guide" - the top 10 killer comebacks to handle women who give you shit and "test" you
  • 7 Perfect Dates that lead to sex - follow my done-for-you template and it will be easy and natural to have sex on the first date, with little-to-no resistance or hesitation
  • 5 guaranteed "kiss techniques" - my all-time favorite tested and proven tricks to fall back on when you're ready to kiss her and you need a surefire guarantee it's gonna work
  • 3 telltale signs a girl secretly wants to hook up with you. Most guys miss these signals and end up losing the girl to someone else who knew what to look for!
  • The "Same Night Sex" guide - 3 innocent questions to figure out exactly which girls are looking to screw someone tonight, and exactly how to turn her on and take her home in one night
  • 77 word-for-word ways to "dirty talk" her into complete sexual submission... most girls are desperate to meet a guy who can talk like this in bed!
  • Plus... how to get her to do almost anything you want in bed... including deep throat, anal, threesomes, fetishes, and a lot more too explicit to print here...

"I need time to think about it... Will these programs be available later?"

Yes, but you will have to pay full price, like everyone else.

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"Is there a money-back guarantee?"

Yes, the same 60-day guarantee you trust behind all our best-selling programs.

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