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what if you could PUSH A few BUTTONs AND 
make a girl chase you?

If you’re anything like the masses of single men reading this, chances are there’s at least one girl in your phone, and...

  • You have no idea what to text her right now
  • You’d love to date her, sleep with her, or even make her your girlfriend
  • You’re worried she might lose interest and stop texting you back

Maybe she’s a friend, an ex, or a “match” in a dating app. Whatever the case, by the time you read to the bottom of this page, you will have the rare ability to…

almost every time you
press the "send" button

Here’s the deal… I've created a dating manual for men called:


However, it is NOT for everyone.

It’s explicit, it's expensive, and it's only for men who are serious about their success with women. It’s also extremely effective at doing one thing:

Getting the exact women you want to text you back right away, show genuine interest in getting to know you, and eagerly move things forward to meeting you in person.

Even better, these 66 Texts are so irresistible to women... when she shows up to see you, she’ll be 99% sure she wants to sleep with you that same night.

No more wracking your brain with anxiety, trying to think of the perfect thing to text that girl you like…

Just send her any 1 of these 66 texts…

And you will get a response that easily leads to sex. That’s my guarantee to you. But don’t just take my word for it…

Scroll down this page right now to see explicit screenshot evidence of this working for guys who have tried it so far.

Then get the “66 Texts” for yourself and see how fast and easy they work for you too.

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Most customers report getting at least 7 or 8 new messages per day with this profile

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This will make beautiful women message you first and BEG for your attention...

Now you can literally get laid on-demand, from anywhere you have wifi or a cell signal.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

But if you’d rather keep doing things the hard way… 

  • Waiting in line to get into bars and clubs you don’t even like.
  • Walking up to girls and trying to “game” them.
  • Giving women all the power to ignore you and reject you.

Then FYI, the 66 Texts are probably NOT for you.

to help you decide, here's a taste of what's
waiting for you inside...

  • A shockingly simple 7-word text that almost always leads to sex on the first date.
  • One weird text you MUST use if you're older than her. If she’s giving you shit about your age, it may already be too late.
  • ​The “cute/kinky combo” that got my friend a date with a famous Instagram model… She ignored hundreds of guys every day, but this is the one message that actually got her heart pounding.
  • The #1 most irresistible “first message” of all time. No girl can ignore this message, they always show interest and respond right away.
  • ​The "Halo Effect"... the easiest way to seduce girls who say you’re not tall enough.
  • The boneheaded “Beta mistake” most guys have no clue they’re making… and how to use it to make every other guy look like a loser when they try to text her.
  • When she sends short responses that lead nowhere... try the “Chase Command” to make her work harder for your attention… she’ll be writing you paragraphs and worrying it's still not enough to impress you.
  • 1 tiny thing you MUST do immediately after getting her number to guarantee she won’t flake on you later.
  • ​The “Temptation Text”… a shockingly effective way to revive a conversation that went cold, without looking needy or desperate.

Here’s a shocking fact

Did you know… software companies spend billions of dollars a year to 

get women ADDICTED to mobile apps?

In '66 TEXTS' I'll Show You

How To Use The Same
To Get Her

HOOKED On Your Messages

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and there's so much more...

  • The “Candy Crush” technique… how to use the same addictive tricks used in billion dollar mobile games to get her sexually addicted to YOU.
  • The REAL reason girls on dating apps say “not here for hookups”... and the easiest way to get her into bed anyways. She’ll be naked, sweaty, and swearing “I never do this”...
  • ​​The “BFF Text”… put her in your “Friend zone” and watch her scramble to get out. Girls secretly LOVE it when you have the upper hand like this.
  • The "Pink Pornstar" message that gets her heart pounding like a horny groupie with backstage passes… for some reason this always works ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • ​Send this one playful message and she will start daydreaming about kissing you… even if you haven’t kissed before. It’s crazy no other guy even knows about this!
  • The “Lust Shortcut” - gets her to suggest you skip the date and come over to hook up... you better shower and make your bed before she’s banging on your front door.
  • ​A heart-pounding “Taboo Text” that will get her pussy throbbing, even while she’s at work or out in public.
  • A little-known hypnotic trick that gets her horny every time she sees your name pop up on her phone.
  • The “Casanova Text” - every girl is a sucker for this one, but most men have no clue about it.

these 66 surefire texts are
impossible for her to ignore

Just watch what even the coldest girls think of these 

deceptively simple messages...

  • The “Curiosity Bomb”... Literally no girl can resist this message. I guarantee she will text you back, her mind simply can't handle it.
  • The “Bad Attitude Eraser” - hands down, the fastest way to change a girl’s opinion of you. Watch her go from cold and disinterested to eager and available.
  • A weird but innocent message that will get her to confess her feelings for you first. There is ZERO risk of looking needy or desperate when you use this one message.
  • The most clever comeback of all time… use it to handle her insults and put-downs, and pass any “shit test” she throws at you. This one works best on the hottest girls because they never even see it coming.
  • The “Bad Influence” text… be careful about WHEN you send this because it may start to make her horny as soon as she reads it, even if she’s with another guy.
  • ​A 3-word text that makes you look more Alpha than Dan Bilzerian with a Bazooka.
  • When she’s acting like a cold-hearted BRAT... this one sentence will set her straight. Just look how this "ice queen" responded!
  • The “Threesome Text” that gets her seducing other girls for you, and involving you in the fun.
  • The “Please Your Professor” technique... FYI, many younger girls will ask you to teach her something sexual, so be ready to give her an A plus on her “oral exam”
  • ​Hands down, the most innocent, rejection-proof way to make her want to send you racy photos of herself… 9 out of 10 girls send nudes in response!

*Disclaimer - REAL messages sent to “66 Texts” customers - uncensored messages inside

guaranteed to
get her heart pounding

Imagine having the 66 Texts by your side when you’re about to text a girl you really like and you can’t afford to blow it.

You literally cannot fail when you see everything UNCENSORED and spelled out for you word-for-word.

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And we’re just getting started, there's so much more…

  • ​A stupidly simple routine to get her in the mood to send you nudes. You’ll get addicted to using this with every girl from now on.
  • 7 “Nympho Phrases” that get her rubbing her legs together and biting her lip every time you use them.
  • A quick and easy text that'll have her dripping wet with anticipation for your first date.
  • A sneaky mind game that scrambles her brain and makes her obsessed with earning your approval… she’ll be willing to do *anything* to impress you after you send this.
  • ​How to lace your messages with so much sexual tension, she’ll be blushing every time you text her… and her friends will tell her to F@#K you already so they can hear all the juicy details.
  • An easy trick that guarantees she will never tell you “I’m too busy” and you’ll always be on top of her "to do" list for the week.
  • ​3 subliminal "Trigger Words" that will have even the coldest girl eagerly thumbing in a reply within minutes.
  • The secret to making your messages “stick” in her memory… so there’s no way she can forget you, ghost on you or ignore you.
  • The “Emotional Takeaway” technique… use this anytime you feel like she’s fading out and losing interest in you...

Here's a secret most
women don't want you to know...

More than 80% of women admit... they like to masturbate while READING something... like romance novels or Fan-Fiction stories. It's true...

The "written word" has a special erotic power over the female mind.

And in "66 Texts" I'll show you the exact words that trigger her sexual imagination and...

make her unbelievably horny for you

She’ll be a hot quivering mess when you send her these texts...

  • ​The “Literotica Text” that makes you the star of her sexual fantasies… like her own personal “Christian Grey” or sexy Twilight Vampire.
  • One “heart melting” sentence that gives her same emotional explosion as a marriage proposal, in just 11 words. Careful, she may start to fall in love with you after this one.
  • ​How to create a romantic bond that makes her feel like it’s just you and her against the world.
  • The “Emma Watson” method… use this when you seriously want her to be your girlfriend (not a one night stand).
  • The “Anime” technique - use it with the most innocent, sensitive, nerdy or submissive girl... to get her wide-eyed and willing to “play.”
  • A little-known "pattern break" that works with 8 out of 10 girls… to jolt her out of her comfort zone and get her working overtime for your attention.
  • The “Babysitter” trick… useful for tricky situations and girls who are much younger than you. My older clients use this on college-aged girls and their success rate is unheard of.
  • How to make sure she’s not a gold digger who uses men for free drinks and dinners… she may even pay for YOU if you play this one right.
  • ​The “Celebrity Crush” trick - gets her eagerly texting you back and suggesting you meet up, like a groupie trying to fuck her favorite celebrity.

discover what makes every woman crave
sex on the first date

  • The “Freudian Fantasies” technique that makes even the shyest girl feel comfortable to explore her naughty side with you.
  • The ONLY way you should ever compliment her over text, and why you should never use the words beautiful, gorgeous, sexy or cute.
  • ​How to spice up BORING messages like “how are you doing” or "what are you up to?"... and get her giggling and writing you back, instead of ignoring you.
  • Why it’s absolutely crucial you end every text conversation FIRST, and a simple message that keeps you in control until you decide to see her again.
  • ​"Alpha" date scheduling… the ONLY way to guarantee she will never waste your time, flake on you, play games, or string you along.
  • A simple text that gets her wrapped around your finger… in literally just TWO WORDS.
  • ​The “Erotic Emoji” technique... this one is kinda weird, and we still don't know why it turns women on so fast, but we don’t care.
  • She forgot who you are? Send her this funny joke to play it off and get her insanely curious about you.
  • ​The “Flake Buster” - gets her laughing, apologizing to you, and agreeing to meet you ASAP so she can make it up to you… ;-)
  • ​The “Troublemaker Text” - challenge her to tease you and turn you on. This is 100% rejection-proof because she'll be the one chasing YOU.
  • ​And there’s so much more waiting for you inside...

Would You Pay 1 Dollar for a
Text that guarantees Sex?

Is there a girl in your phone right now you’d do anything to sleep with…?

Maybe a girl you’ve been texting for a while… or the one who got away and “ghosted” on you…

Or maybe it’s a girl who’s just sitting there in your Tinder matches right now, waiting for your first message…

What if I gave you 1 message, word-for-word, that was guaranteed to make that girl respond to you and start chasing you for sex...

And all I wanted in return was 1 dollar?

Wouldn’t that be MORE than fair?

Well, I’ve got 66 Texts, and all I’m asking for is 66 dollars.

And the price doesn’t matter anyways, because it comes with a money-back guarantee:

You have 60 days to use the 66 Texts to sleep with as many girls as you have time for…

And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can easily get your money back with a few clicks of a mouse.

You don’t like it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

That’s how confident I am that this is going to work for you. All I ask is that you give it a fair shot and actually send these messages to girls you want to sleep with.

And when you suddenly have hot women blowing up your phone, desperate to earn a “prime time” slot in your completely-booked dating schedule…

Send me a message and share your success story, just like the thousands of other guys who enjoy the power of the 66 Texts every day.

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But you shouldn’t be shocked when she shows up at your place dressed to impress, excited to spend the night with you.

Even better, she’ll be wearing her sexiest bra and panties...

And you’ll notice how she’s shaved her legs (and more) to feel silky smooth for you...

Because she already made up her mind before coming inside...

She desperately wants to sleep with you tonight.

It’s that simple. I couldn’t possibly make it any easier for you to succeed.

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Andrew Ryan

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With the 66 Texts in your phone, you can get a date with a new girl any night of the week.

But nothing sucks worse than an awkward first date where you both go home alone...

This bonus guide will show you how to set up a perfect date with any girl, from start to finish...


  • The Top 7 Perfect Dates that always lead to sex (most guys say #5 is their favorite because it gets their girl so excited)
  • How to set up every date so there are NO barriers to you hooking up at the end of the night.
  • ​The REAL reason why girls say things like “no sex on the first date”... (it’s not what most guys think)
  • 3 easy steps to eliminate awkwardness and excuses, and easily slide into bed together… or sneak off to a dark corner to have some “NSA fun.”

Now you are guaranteed to always seal the deal and never waste time on dates that don’t go anywhere.

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